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Do Dham Trip to Himalaya - May 25, 2014

IKS SPIRITUAL RETREAT - tool for soul evolution

Delhi - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Gangotri - Badrinath - Delhi

When we use the right tool of devotion to channel the light energy of the Divine into our body, mind and soul it will give us divine intuition, profound healing of the body, mind and soul, accelerate our karma removal and help us attract abundant material and spiritual opportunities into our life.

Highlights of this Spiritual Retreat: 

- Observing powerful Soma Pradosham at powerful vortex to remove stubborn karma

- Visiting one of the most important Goddess temple to activate your kundalini (spiritual power)

- Offering Tharpanam for more then 60 generation of your departed ancestors who will be waiting for your help and to bless you in return for greater health, wealth and prosperity at the one of the most powerful vortex connecting to ancestral world through priest and offering Tharpanam by at another powerful vortex by yourself.

- Taking holy dip at he most powerful vortex of river Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswath to purify Soul.

- At all this places we will have a satsang with Vijayakumar Alagappan on the true essence of soul and the purpose of human life.

Pra means removal and dosham means Sin. Whether we take the spiritual or material route, one thing is certain, you have to completely eliminate yur karma to even get there. Prodosham rituals give a great opportunity to built a road to prosperity and true happiness. We will observe Soma Pradosham ritual at one of the most important temple at the right time and with the right mantras along with meditation.

Tharpanam - Rituals for departed ancestors
The blessings of your deceased ancestors, both maternal as well as paternal, are a major reason why you do or do not succeed in this life. According to Siddha Masters the departed ancestors come to their descendents on Amavasai day to partake of their food and if nothing is offered to them they are displeased. So, Hindus observeTharpanam and await their ancestors. Doing tharpanam ritual at specific powerspot temples also will appease our departed ancestors and in return will receive bless us with Good Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Enlightenment.

Timing in Spirituality
The efficacy of one's spiritual practices can be increased greatly by timing in according to the Cosmic flow. The Siddha masters say that we who wants to connect with the divine beings' energy must know the Cosmic science of timing. Riruals and worships are important but doing them at the right time is equal important to enjoy maximum effect. The are time periods that are particularly effective and there are those that are disadvantageous. This IKS Spiritual Retreat and rituals were specially designed by observing golden cosmic time metrics according to Siddha masters injunctions.

NOTE: Only serious spiritual seekers are welcome.

Temple Worship and Powerful Vortex
The most important remedies suggested by Siddhas the departed enlightened masters is going to certain energy vortexes in India where temples have been built around destiny changing vortexes. As soon you enter the vortex you dissolve your bad relationship karma, bad money karma or bad old health karma. There is a specific vortex for every type of problem and this has been documented in scriptures. This spiritual retreat was designed by Vijayakumar Alagappan according to Departed Enlightened Siddha Masters teaching.

Book your seats as soon as possible before 25 Dec 2013

Be early bird to book your seats since only limited seats are available.

For further details call : 013 350 5903 / 012 910 7301

IKS Academy Team

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