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IKS Spiritual Retreat at Powerful Temples for Maha Sani Pradosham, Pournami Annadhanam - Girivalam and Arudra Darshan!/events/453525071390706/

When we use the right tool of devotion to channel the light energy of the Divine into our body, mind and soul it will give us divine intuition, profound healing of the body, mind and soul, accelerate our karma removal and help us attract abundant material and spiritual oppurtunities into our life.

Highlights of this Spiritual Retreat :
Arudra Darshan - Arudra Darshan is the festival celebrated in the temples of Lord Shiva, among which Chidambaram Nataraja temple gains utmost importance. The term Chidambaram means the sky (Ambaram) of consciousness (Chid). Whatever that we think at that very moment our thoughts will be sent to the sky and recorded immediately. After an appropriate lapse of time the recorded thoughts will manifest in our life as karma.

 The secret significance of this Arudra Darshan is that we can delete our past thoughts with the help of Arudra star in the month of Marghazi so that we can live our life to the full without destiny. What ever that we want in this life can be materialize immediately without the interference of our past thoughts in the form of karmat through observing Arudra Darshan ritual especially at Chidambaram.

The pre dawn hours of the Full Moon night in the month of Marghazi with the longest nights in the year, marks the auspicious time for Arudra Darshan. We will be at this power spot temple and recite special secret mantras to delete our past thoughts so that we can do instantaneous manifestation in this life.

Pradosham - Pra means removal and dosham means Sin. Whether we take the spiritual or material route, one thing is certain, you have to completely eliminate yur karma to even get there. Prodosham rituals give a great opportunity to built a road to prosperity and true happiness. We will observe Maha Sani Pradosham ritual at one of the most important temple at the right time and with the right mantras along with meditation.

Pournami Annadhanam and Girivalam -By feeding the pilgrims and poor people on Pournami night at Thiruvanamalai we can obtain the highest of highest blessings from Lord Shiva. We will do Annadhanam for more then 3 thousands pilgrims at Thiruvanamalai during Pournami night before do Girivalam around the holy mountain Thiruvanamalai. One can diffuse their karmic sins from 10 millions births just by circumbulating this powerful mountain at the right time. Thousands of people from western world will join this Girivalam every year and some of them even refuse to go back and stay here forever. Such a powerful place is Thiruvanamalai. One must visit Thiruvanamalai and Chidambaram temple atleast once in their life.

We will visit a unique temple with the scientific and architechtural brilliance Shiva temple where the Swayambu Lingam in the sanctum sanctorum receives an eternal ablution of dripping water from the Vimana (dome), which has Moon-stone and Sun-stone placed at strategic points. A drop of water falls on the Linggam, exactly every 24 minutes from the roof. But for a small hole, there is a no source of water on the Vimana. The precious stones absorb moisture from the atmosphere, convert into water-droplet, performing Nature's abishekam to the deity. Worshipping Shiva and Guru he is very auspicious since both of them are in the benevolent mood here.

We will also visit special secret Kala Bhairava temples and other secret mystical temples which are lesser known to public but very powerful temples and do special rituals, recital and meditation according to Siddhas teachings.

Timing in Spirituality
The efficacy of one's spiritual practices can be increased greatly by timing in according to the Cosmic flow. The Siddha masters say that we who wants to connect with the divine beings' energy must know the Cosmic science of timing. Riruals and worships are important but doing them at the right time is equal important to enjoy maximum effect. The are time periods that are particularly effective and there are those that are disadvantageeous. This IKS Spiritual Retreat and rituals were specially designed by observing golden cosmic time metrics according to Siddha masters injunctions.

IKS Spiritual Retreat June 2012 Video :

NOTE: Only serious spiritual seekers are welcome.

South Indian Temple Worships
The most important remedies suggested by Siddhas the departed enlightened masters is going to certain energy vortexes in India where temples have been built around destiny changing vortexes. As soon you enter the vortex you dissolve your bad relationship karma, bad money karma or bad old health karma. There is a specific vortex for every type of problem and this has been documented in scriptures. This spiritual retreat was designed by Vijayakumar Alagappan according to Departed Enlightened Siddha Masters teaching.

Be early bird to book your seats since only limited seats are available.

Trip Payment details : Pay deposit RM500 @ May Bank Account : 5144 9507 4053 (Hema Latha A/P Subramaniam) to book your seat. Be early bird and book as soon as possible since limited for 30 pax only. The balance should be paid before end of November 2013. For those who are coming for the 1st time with us have to check whether you got destiny to participate this trip or not by sending your date, time and place of birth. (Call and inform us once when you have bank in each time and keep the receipt).

For further details call : 013 350 5903 / 012 910 7301

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